Meet DOTT®

Developed by EwingCole, DOTT was created to streamline design research with the goal of facilitating efficient and meaningful design solutions. Research defines, validates, and innovates concepts, empowering design solutions in new and unexpected ways. With DOTT, researchers at EwingCole are ready for partnerships to reshape research informed design.

Assess the behavioral impact of your facility's design on its users.
Quantify how people and features of the built environment impact each other.
Recover hidden value from space utilization, energy efficiency, and user performance.

Where Data Meets Design

DOTT® takes a closer look at the relationships between occupants and how they operate within their built environment.

Through behavioral observations DOTT collects data about:

  • ergonomics
  • interactions
  • collaboration
  • activity zones
  • energy use and efficiency
  • space use and maximization

Design Research

Design begins with understanding the relationship between people and their environments. Design research assesses the impact design has on user efficiency and comfort through learning how people are feeling, thinking, and behaving in their environment. Results lead to cost effectiveness, worker productivity, meaningful engagement, and well-being.

Whether looking to build efficiency in healthcare, educational, or workplace facilities, design research is the first step towards improving measurable results. Effective research methods lead to team consensus, expedited speed to market, improved workflows, and less waste.

Design research has the power to streamline operations and bring value to the bottom line. Effectively organizing layers of information ranging from energy efficiency, space utilization, and behavior, leads to improved satisfaction and higher returns on investments.


With limited financial resources and an increasing need to think and act strategically, academic planners and administrators can turn to research-informed design for ways to improve student engagement, space utilization, and energy efficiency with measurable results.


In a performance-based market where 10-20% of reimbursements are driven by user-based outcomes DOTT® offers design researchers a faster, more accurate method to reach valuable results such as right-sized inpatient rooms, improved patient satisfaction scores, and increased staff efficiency.


By integrating research-based design methods with investigations into worker behavior and their environment, DOTT® supports insights and design solutions for how workplaces can be redesigned in inventive ways to boost productivity, improve turnover, and raise employee satisfaction.

With DOTT, researchers at EwingCole are ready for partnerships to empower research informed design. Contact our research team to learn how we can make an impact together.

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